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Trying to conceive, being pregnant, birth and being a mum may be more difficult than you expected because of:  

  • Difficulty conceiving

  • Previous pregnancy loss

  • Previous traumatic birth experience

  • Pregnancy related complications

  • Difficulties from your own childhood or relationship with your parents

  • Personality traits – e.g. women who are perfectionists can have unrealistic expectations about themselves as mothers and easily feel “not good enough” as a mum

  • Previous mental health problems – worrying about symptoms returning; being unsure about whether to continue or change your medication; or being concerned about having an increased risk of mental health problems during pregnancy or after birth.

  • Current mental health problems – these may affect how you look after yourself, your thoughts about yourself as a mum, how you feel about your baby and your ability to manage daily activities

  • Lack of support

  • Difficulties in your relationship with your partner

  • Fear of childbirth

  • Other current life stresses

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