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It can be stressful being the partner of a women with a mental health problem before, during or after birth. It's important that you have information about your partner's mental illness so that you can understand it and know how to help. It's also important that you have help and support for yourself.

You may also have a mental health problem yourself and need information and support.  

Click on the links below to find out about help and support available for you:


The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Information leaflets for carers of women with Postnatal Depression, Postpartum Psychosis and Perinatal OCD which I have co-authored


Dads Matter UK

  • Information and support for dads with mental health problems

  • Dads stories

family lives.gif

Family Lives


Parenting in same sex relationships



National Childbirth Trust

Information about Postnatal Depression in Dads

Screenshot 2021-02-13 151919.png

LGBT parents


  • Information about pregnancy and parenting and rights

  • Support line  


Mosaic Films

Animated film  - experience of a partner of a woman with postnatal mental illness


Tommy's Charity

Information about Postnatal Depression in Dads

we are family.png

We Are Family 


  Information advice and signposting for LGBT families


Action on Postpartum Psychosis


  Information and support for partners of women with Postpartum Psychosis


Fatherhood institute

Information about many aspects of being a father

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