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Bipolar Disorder

If you have Bipolar Disorder it's important to get advice about your medication and your risk of becoming unwell in pregnancy or after birth.

If you have ever had a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder you have a high risk of mental illness after birth, including Postpartum Psychosis, which is a severe episode of mental illness.

It helps to get advice from a perinatal psychiatrist when you are planning a pregnancy. Many pregnancies are unplanned - in that case ask your GP or midwife to refer to you to a perinatal mental health team so you can get advice from a perinatal psychiatrist. They can help you make decisions about your care and treatment and make a plan to help you stay as well as possible.

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Bipolar UK

Information and support for women with Bipolar Disorder

Information leaflet about Bipolar Disorder and Pregnancy


Action on Postpartum Psychosis


  • Information about Postpartum Psychosis symptoms, care and treatment

  • Peer support network

  • On-line forum

  • Personal experiences -descriptions and videos

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